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Maths Tutors in York

At York Private Tutors we offer expert private tuition in English, Science and Maths. Maths is such an important subject as it feeds into so ma y other areas of a child’s academic life from Science to Business studies to even technology and IT. Having a strong basis to build from is key and more often than not when students first start to have private tuition their fundamental Maths skills often have gaps; from forgetting fraction rules or not be able to confidently complete long multiplication. Our Maths tutors in York look to identify these gaps in knowledge and the areas that students struggle with very early on so that subsequent lessons can be tailored to those areas of weakness. Students regularly struggle with the more difficult areas of Maths such as Surds, Vectors and Proof because their fundamental algebra and fraction rules may be weak. As part of our tuition, our York Maths tutors look to help to build a student’s confidence so that they feel capable of tackling the more difficult questions which they may have previously skipped. Our Maths tutors also provide the very best resources, from AQA GCSE Maths past papers to KS2 Maths SATs papers, and we have access to the best resources. Contact York Private tutors to book an expert Maths tutor in York.

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