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Become a Private Tutor

Becoming a private tutor and offering private tuition generally has become more popular during the Covid pandemic, mainly due to teachers having more free time to provide additional lessons but also other academics looking or additional sources of income.

At York Private Tutors we only work with the very best tutors who are experienced, qualified and possess an up to date DBS certificate. If you match these criteria and want to become a private tutor then you can contact us directly. If you want to become an online maths tutor then you can do so through our affiliated service Maths Made Easy.

In order to be a successful tutor you need to spend time making sure you know the different exam boards specifications inside out. In addition to this, you also need to make sure you know the types of exam questions that come up in the different papers. Once you have done this you are then ready to prepare your first lesson (once you have a student of course). Each lesson should be well thought through to ensure you provide enough work for the lesson but also to set follow up work so that the tuition has added value outside of the lessons. The work should stretch the student but be mindful of their ability and level of confidence. At York Private Tutors we support our tutors to become the best they can be.

The Harrogate Tutors blog has been set up to keep parents, students and tutors informed about changes and updates to our website and service. 

For information on our tutoring services in the Harrogate area

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