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Free Functional Skills Diagnostic Assessment

Here at York Private Tutors, our main purpose is to provide high-quality, 1-to-1 tutoring for learners looking to take their Maths or English exams. We do, however, also offer other services, where we recommend different resources that are available to all learners. The one that we will be focusing on today will be the functional skills diagnostic tests for maths and English.

This diagnostic test is based specifically on the Functional Skills exams, designed to measure the learner’s level of knowledge in either Math or English. It is a short test that colleges will sometimes use in order to determine the level of Functional Skills exam the learner will be taking.

Functional skills diagnostic assessment can also be used by learners themselves to see what their level of knowledge in the subject is. The learner can also retake the test as often as they wish during their revision time. Allowing them to see how much they are improving as time goes on.

You may be wondering why you should use this Functional skills diagnostic test over all the others that are currently available?

One of the biggest benefits is that the tests are free while still adhering to the high quality expected from a paid diagnostic tool. As well as being specifically based on what topics and questions will appear on the Functional Skills exam. Ensuring that you get the most accurate idea possible of what your skill level is for that subject.

While all of this may sound great for a learner or education provider, you may still have doubts. If you have any inquiries about the Functional skills diagnostic assessment, or want to know about any of the other services that we offer. Then get in touch with the York Private Tutors Today!

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