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Free Functional Skills Maths and English Level 2 Courses

Here at York Private Tutors, we are here to support all learners who are taking their Functional Skills Level 2 Maths/English exams. Offering aid in tutoring and the provision or recommendation of revision materials. An excellent recommendation that we have today is the free Functional Skills Maths and English Level 2 Online Course. While not everyone will be eligible for the free FS course, those that are will benefit heavily from using it. If you end up meeting the qualifying criteria and have filled out the online form, you will be given full access to this excellent course.

The purpose of the course is to cover all subjects and topics that appear in the FS Level 2 curriculum. Helping to plug in the learner’s gaps in their knowledge. As well as improving the learner's exam technique and being able to apply it to exam-style questions. As the course is around 50 hours long, to get the full benefit from it we would recommend taking it over a 2 month period. If the learner has less time before their final exam, we would recommend jus covering the areas that the learner is struggling with.

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