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GCSE Equivalency

Maths and English GCSE or equivalent qualifications is required for all higher educational courses and most employments. Due to this, GCSE equivalents have become increasingly popular over the years.

Functional skills and GCSE Equivalency Tests are the two main GCSE equivalent qualifications. If you want to gain access to teacher training courses but require a GCSE or equivalent qualification, GCSE Equivalency Tests is the best exam for you. They can be taken at any point during the year which is beneficial for you. If you require maths and/or English GCSE, functional skills is an option for you. There are 5 levels which are entry level 1, enter level 2, entry level 3, level 1 and level 2. The last level, level 2, is the GCSE equivalent that you need for higher education. Functional skills courses can be taken in college where you are funded by the government if you are 19 and younger. If you are older, then you won’t get funded and would have to apply as an independent learner.

These two GCSE equivalents aren’t the only ones that you can take for instance there are BTECs and NVQs but they aren’t as popular when compared to the functional skills exam. Also the full GCSE exams are the best standard but in a year there are only two sittings so it isn’t as flexible as the functional skills exam. Since you can sit the functional skills exam at any time and in your own home, this exam is more convenient.

York Private Tutors works with MME to provide you with the best revision materials and one on one sessions. You can book your online functional skills exam through MME or if you prefer to sit the exam at your local testing centre, that is an option too.

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