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York Private Tutors offer English and Science tuition at KS2, KS3, GCSE and A level across the York area. For KS2, KS3, GCSE and A-Level Maths Tutors in York, please visit York Maths Tutor. Our expert English and Science tutors in York provide the highest level of private tuition. We have experienced GCSE and A Level tutors in York that don't just tutor the required material for the course but will also help with revision and exam technique as well. Whether you are looking for a English tutor or a GCSE Science tutor in York, York Private Tutors can Help! Our expert Science and English tutors will travel to you for no additional expense. To enquire about English or Science tuition or to book one of our York Tutors then give us a call. 

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We will then match you with a local tutor who can travel to you or you can travel to them if this is preferable. 

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One of our qualified and experienced York tutors will contact you directly to arrange the first lesson. 

York Private Tutors - Science and English Tuition 

York Private Tutors offers the highest level of private tuition in English and Science from KS2 up to and including A Level tuition. Our English and Science tutors in York travel to all locations surrounding the York area. We have tutors that specialise by subject and level so that they can learn the syllabus in depth along with the variations in exam board content from AQA, OCR and Edexcel. We have English, Biology, Chemistry and Physics tutors as well as specialist GCSE Science tutors in York. For maths tuition in York we recommend York Maths Tutor

York Private Tutors genuinely do offer a great tutoring service to all of our pupils. Our recent results in English and Science have gone from strength to strength with parents regularly reporting extremely positive news about their subject tutor. Because we specialise in English and Science we can focus more on the tutors who work through our agency and we believe this helps us to provide the very best one to one tuition. Whether you require a GCSE English tutor or an A Level Biology tutor in York, we can help.


York Private Tutors believe that exceptional tutors bring the best out of every student.

Maths, English and Science Revision Materials

York Private Tutors 2020/21 Tutor booking

If you would like to book an English tutor in York or enquire about in person science tuition then York Private Tutors are here to help. Since the Covid pandemic some of our tutors are offering online tuition but we also have tutors who are comfortable with in person tuition as long as the government guidelines are followed. All of our English and Science tutors in York start the year busy and get busier. It is advisable to book a tutor earlier in the year to ensure you find a time that works. 

For Maths tuition visit York Maths Tutor.

More About York Private Tutors

York Private Tutors provide expert private tuition on a one to one basis with a primary focus on English and Science. We believe that the value of private tuition is not just covering the course content but to motivate students and teach them more effective ways to revise ad retain the key information they require to both understand the subject but also to apply it to exam style questions.. Our expert private tutors provide tuition in Maths, English and Science from Key Stage Two up to and including A level. For more information about our tutoring services in York then Contact Us


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York Private Tutors has been established for a number of years, operating in the Harrogate area under our sister service, Harrogate Tutors. We have expanded our services and created a new website to cover York and the surrounding areas. We are different to many tutoring agencies as we set a very high standard for the tutors that join our team. All of our tutors are DBS checked, experienced and qualified to tutor their subject. Additionally we interview every tutor that works for us and only take on those individuals with the right qualifications but also the personal skills required to connect with people and students. We believe that a great tutor is more than just someone who teaches the required material.


Our tutors are passionate and aim to inspire and motivate their students. Great tutors take on a holistic approach including teaching of revision skills and exam technique that is applicable to many subjects, not just the one being tutored. Therefore we often find that our students progress in many academic areas which leads on to improved confidence and exam results. 

Maths, Science and English Tuition in York 

GCSE Maths Tutors in York

Possibly the most difficult subject at GCSE is in fact Maths. Maths tutors are often the busiest as good Maths tutors are in short supply, yet the demand for tuition in Maths is soaring. This is because many students become very detached from the subject, lose confidence and feel as if they can't achieve. There are ALSO students who want to achieve the top grade but aren't being stretched in their maths lessons at school. Whatever the reasons for requiring GCSE Maths tuitionYork Maths Tutor will be happy to help.

GCSE Science Tutors in York

GCSE Science tuition is extremely popular as the dual award Science is almost compulsory in many schools now with many being encouraged to take the triple award Science. Although some schools do offer single Science GCSE's these are becoming less common. The dual award Science consists of Biology, Chemistry and Physics but they are combined in the final exams and students are awarded two GCSE 's in Science as opposed to any of the single subjects.

GCSE Biology tuition is often requested as students struggle with the key concepts in the course such as cellular organelles and their role in helping the cell to function, or topics such as infection and disease where the immune system is studied in some detail. Our York Biology tutors, simplify these complex areas and take our pupils through the key concepts in a way that makes them more manageable and easier to understand. For GCSE Biology tuition in York, York private tutors are the people to contact. 

GCSE Chemistry Tutors in York 

GCSE Chemistry tuition is popular with our York students as we have some excellent GCSE chemistry tutors in York. With the recent change in GCSE layout, Chemistry is one of the most requested subjects for tuition. All of our tutors are hand picked by our tuition team, they have years of experience tutoring Chemistry and are DBS checked for you peace of mind.Our GCSE Chemistry tutors will be able to walk through the course with you, help you develop effective ways of answering longer mark questions and support you with learning the more difficult stages of the course. If you are looking for a GCSE Chemistry teacher in York or you would like more information about the GCSE Science tuition our York tutors offer, then contact York Private Tutors today. 

GCSE Physics Tutors in York

Our York Physics tutors offer an excellent service coupled with an undeniable knowledge and passion for GCSE Physics content and Physics tuition in general. Our GCSE Physics tutors in York are all fully trained, experienced tutors. We have a 100% pass rate as GCSE. If you would like to be an expert tutor for your GCSE Physics exams, contact York Private Tutors today. 


GCSE English Tutors in York

GCSE English is a core subject that is required to at least grade C in order to progress on to further education. In addition we are seeing more and more employers request a minimum of GCSE grade C in both English and GCSE Maths. York Private tutors offer expert English GCSE tuition, with tutors who are qualified as well as passionate about English. GCSE English tuition is in high demand and finding the right tutor is important to ensure that your child or you as a student are able to connect and progress in a way that results in a better grade in the final GCSE English exam. Our English tutors provide both language and literature tuition and if a student requires both then we can look to arrange this. 

GCSE English Language Tuition

GCSE English Language tuition is provided by our most experienced York English tutors. Our English tutors have the knowledge and know how to help you succeed in GCSE English language. Contact us for more information about our English tuition services in the York area. 

GCSE English Literature tuition can be really useful if a student wants help to look at and analyse literature in a different way. Often having an expert GCSE English Literature tutor can help a student to see a piece of text in a different light and as a result open up thoughts and ideas that would have otherwise been left undiscovered. Our York GCSE English Literature tutors have the passion and enthusiasm that will help you to succeed. 



YORK A LEVEL Biology Tutors

A level Biology is a varied and challenging A level Science. Many students select A level Biology as they want to study a Science but may not like the Maths components in Chemistry and Physics. Our York A level Biology tutors are all qualified to degree level in a biological Science as a minimum with many of our tutors having masters, phd's, doctorates and professional teaching qualifications. Contact us today if you are looking for a York Biology tutor. 

YORK A LEVEL English Tutors

As well as a focus on Maths and Science subjects, York Private Tutors also offer high quality English tuition at both GCSE and A Level. We have specialist English tutors that either focus on A Level English Language tuition or specialise in A Level English Literature tuition. Whatever exam board you sit for your A Level English our York tutors can help! Contact York Private Tutors today to book an A Level English tutor in the York area. 

YORK A Level Maths Tutors

A Level Maths Tuition is a specialist area due to the fact that the Maths material at this level is very complex and usually requires a higher level of education in the specific subject, so where you may find GCSE Maths tutors completed a Biology degree, it is unusual to find an A level Maths tutor that doesn't have an A level Maths degree. York Private Tutors works with York Maths Tutor to offer a very specialised A Level Maths tutoring service aimed at students who really want to achieve in the subject and are prepared to work really hard for it. 

Numeracy Skills Tutors | YORK QTS Maths TUTORS

If you are looking for a numeracy skills test tutor in York, or if you want to practice for the numeracy skills test then York Private Tutors can help. We have partnered with the largest QTS numeracy skills test provider in England, QTS Maths Tutor. QTS Maths Tutor offer the most comprehensive numeracy skills test revision packages available. There are other providers out there such as G and A Numerical and Numeracy Ready but they do not offer free tests and charge more for poorer resources. 


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October 2, 2020

York Private Tutors knows the advantage of hitting the ground running the beginning of an academic year. The base of knowledge in those crucial few months can make everything easier, and we think we can help.

York Private Tutors offers premium revision services across York and the surrounding areas, from tuition to help with revision materials. A good set of revision cards that we recommend is the GCSE maths revision cards made...

October 2, 2020

York Private Tutors offers some of the best tuition services around. Our tutors can be instrumental in your studying of Maths and English, including helping you with your functional skills maths level 2 online exams. Functional skills is an exam for those who need that extra boost to their CV, apprentices looking to further their training, or perhaps even those going to University without having the necessary qualifications. W...

August 29, 2020

What is the national tutoring programme?
The national tutoring programme has been set up to support students from across the country following the impact of the Coronavirus. The programme sets out to help those students that have been most affected within the age range of 5 to 16. Funding has been allocated to the programme to help support this, with 75% of the cost of each course being covered by central government, and the r...

July 20, 2020

All of our tutors are fully qualified, DBS checked, and experienced to provide you with the best possible support in Maths, English and Science. As part of this we have specialist functional skills tutors to guide you through your Functional Skills Maths Level 2. This is a GCSE equivalent qualification, often requested by both Universities and training providers for candidates who haven’t achieved a Grade C or Level 4 in GCSE...

May 26, 2020

Becoming a private tutor and offering private tuition generally has become more popular during the Covid pandemic, mainly due to teachers having more free time to provide additional lessons but also other academics looking or additional sources of income. 

At York Private Tutors we only work with the very best tutors who are experienced, qualified and possess an up to date DBS certificate. If you match these criteria and want...

March 14, 2020

As the virus spreads more and more parents and students are asking about online tuition which is understandable given the circumstances. For English and Science tuition then York Private Tutors can certainly help. For online maths tuition we recommend Maths Made Easy

Online maths tuition can be a really effective alternative for in person tutoring. The online set up usually mirrors in person tutoring in that the lessons are s...

February 22, 2020

As we are getting close to exam season we thought it would be useful to publish a list of useful pages where you can access past exam papers from most subjects. The following details easy to use exam paper pages to help student and tutors to find what past papers they are looking for: 

- All the past papers 

- GCSE Maths past papers 

- GCSE maths predicted papers 2020

- Maths genie predicted papers 2020

- A level maths papers and p...

October 11, 2019

Do you want to know the GCSE grade boundaries? York Private Tutors work alongside Maths Made Easy, one of the UK's largest providers of online resources. All of the practice questions, tests and past papers on Maths Made Easy are all completely free. Maths Made Easy have a dedicated GCSE grade boundaries page, so that you will always know how your scores equate to a certain grade. Want to find out what your test score would be...

September 26, 2019

York Private Tutors offer excellent in person, face to face tuition in York. Book a tutor with us today. If you are looking for the best GCSE science revision materials, have a look at our partner company; Maths Made Easy. Maths Made Easy offer excellent GCSE science revision resources, including worksheets, practice questions and a full overview of the most up to date GCSE syllabus. If you are looking for science resources to...

September 20, 2019

York Private Tutors have teamed up with Maths Made Easy and are now providing market leading science revision cards. York Private Tutors now offer maths revision cards and science revision cards. If you are looking for that extra help with preparing for your science exams, why not try science revision cards? Science flash cards are one of the most popular study tools, and for good reason – they promote studying through active...

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York Private Tutors FAQs

When is the best time to book a Science tutor in York ?

This really depends on the needs of the individual student. In most cases booking a Science tutor at the start of a new academic year is preferable as they then have time to go through the entire course with the pupil instead of trying to play catch up. As we approach the exams most of our Science tuition slots are taken so availability becomes very limited. 

Do you offer GCSE Science tuition for Biology, Chemistry and Physics?

Yes we offer tuition in all three GCSE Sciences. Most Science teachers tend to only teach one of the Sciences where our Science tutors all teach a minimum of two Sciences, so if your child is struggling with GCSE Biology and Chemistry we can get one tutor help with both subjects. 

Do you offer both English Literature and English Langunage tuition?

Yes we have expert GCSE and A Level English tutors in York who offer both literature and language tuition for all the major exam boards which the schools in York cover. 

Do you tutor students from ... school in York?

Parents often ask if our York tutors have taught students from specific schools and the short answer is yes. We have students from primary and secondary schools from across York.

Some of the Primary Schools we have covered: 

The secondary schools we cover: 

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