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Go to the Maths Made Easy GCSE computer science dedicated page for great revision materials and of of the GCSE computer science past papers. The new 9-1 computer Science course contains all sorts of topics from python to algorithms, there is a lot to take in. The most valuable resources available to students is without doubt the past exam papers. See our list of GCSE computer Science exam papers and resources below. 

Kids Coding Class is a platform where children and adults can learn to code alongside other useful computer science related topics that aren't necessarily taught in the GCSE curriculum. Kids Coding Class will teach you programming languages like HTML, CSS and even JavaScript. Kids Coding Class also expands your knowledge in more functional ways on things like creating a website from scratch as well as learning SEO from an  SEO expert. Children and adults that are interested in learning more about computers, coding and websites should visit Kids Coding Class. 

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