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About Our 11 Plus Tuition In York

At York Private Tutors we provide the highest level of private 11 Plus Tuition in the York area. We offer exam specific tuition for the 11 Plus entrance exams for a number of schools including: 11 plus tuition for Ermysted's Grammar School, Skipton Girls' High School, Clitheroe Grammar, Bradford Grammar and Ripon Grammar. To find out more about the 11 Plus tuition we offer in Skipton, please click here.


​11 plus Tuition is very specific because the vast majority of the content for the exam is outside of the KS2 curriculum. Therefore those who are looking for an 11 plus tutor in York should ensure that the tutor is well equipped to provide the tuition. At York Private Tutors we have a number of 11 plus tutors in York and the surrounding towns and villages. Many of our 11 Plus tutors travel for no additional cost. We can provide your child with high quality, one-to-one 11 plus tuition which we believe gives them the best chance of passing the relevant exams. All of our 11 plus tutors are trained, DBS checked and have experience in tutoring specifically for the 11 plus. We monitor all feedback from parents and constantly try to improve the service we provide. This premium service is reflected in our pricing but we believe it is still very good value for money.


We often get asked if a certain child is 'right' for the 11 Plus and it is sometimes the case that they may not be suited to the revision process, in which case our 11+ tutor will highlight this as early as possible so that parents have the choice to discontinue tuition sooner rather than later if the chances of passing are slim. If you would like any further details on the 11 Plus service that York Private Tutors provides just contact us.

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11 Plus Entrance Exams in the North Yorkshire Area

Ermysted's Grammar School Skipton 11+ exams

Exam type: Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

Additional Information: The top 28% of children from the Skipton catchment area set the pass mark. Places are given to all children in the catchment area who achieve above the pass mark. The remaining places are awarded to children that have achieved the pass mark in priority of distance form the school. For information regarding Emrysted mock 11 plus exams, follow the link. 

Skipton Girls' High School 11 plus exams

Exam Type: English, Maths and Verbal Reasoning.

Additional Information: The girls' high school have recently altered the type of examination so please make sure all materials are up to date and relevant. To find out more about our Skipton Girls' 11 plus Mock exams click here.

Ripon Grammar School 11 plus exams

Exam Type: Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning.

Additional Information: This is a popular school; hence the competition for places is high. 

Halifax Grammar Schools (North Halifax Grammar and Crossley Heath)

Exam Type: Verbal Reasoning, Maths and an English creative written piece.

Additional Information: The Halifax 11+ entrance exams are super selective which means there is no catchment area, the highest marks gain entry in to the school. 

NEW: Halifax Grammar has proposed alterations to its examinations as of 2019. The proposed changes result in the in the following weighting:

  • Maths- 35%

  • English- 35%

  • Verbal Reasoning- 30% 

Bradford Grammar 11 plus tuition | Exam information

Exam Type: English and Maths.

Additional Information: Past papers and assessment material can only be obtained through the school which makes preparation for the exam a little more challenging. Our tutors have access to this material and can guide your child through the preparation process. An additional note to make is that the exam is changing for this January and therefore the old exam materials will no longer be relevant.

Queen Elizabeth Penrith Grammar school

Exam Type: Non verbal, Verbal Reasoning and Maths

Additional Information: A popular Grammar School. 

Bacup and Rawtenstall Grammar School

Exam Type: Non verbal, Verbal Reasoning and Maths.

Additional Information: A difficult set of exams with a lot of material to cover. 

Clitheroe Royal Grammar School

Exam Type: Maths, English and Verbal Reasoning.

Additional Information: Clitheroe is another popular Grammar school with a challenging 11 plus exam. To get specific information on 11 plus tuition for Clitheroe Grammar, visit our dedicated Clitheroe page.    

Lancaster Royal Grammar School

Exam Type: Maths, English and Verbal Reasoning.

Other Grammar Schools and Independent Schools:

We have an 11 Plus tutor with over 8 years of experience who has helped students gain entry into many different types of Grammar and Independent Schools across the country. If you would like to enquire about a specific school entrance exam then please Contact Us as we are happy to help.

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York 11 Plus FAQ's

Is my child right for the 11 Plus? 

This is a very difficult question to answer, but one which we look to determine from the very first lesson. If your child starts 11 Plus tuition and is struggling with the material or just the general stress of preparing for the exam then our tutors will highlight this to you as early as possible. Whether or not to continue the tuition will always be left up to you as a parent but our tutors will be open and honest about how your child is progressing and whether or not they are coping well with the 11 Plus preparation.

How do I book an 11 Plus tutor in York? 

Booking an 11 Plus tutor couldn't be simpler. Either drop an enquiry form in through the website or give us a ring. We will then arrange for one of our specialist 11 Plus tutors to get back in touch to arrange an initial assessment session. 

When should my child start tuition for the 11 Plus? 

When to start 11 Plus tuition is a common question. We advise starting in September or October of year 5 giving students 10-12 months of one to one specialist tuition for the 11 Plus entrance exams. More than 12 months and there seems to be no positive impact on pass success and less than 10 months and it doesn't leave enough time to cover the content and all the question types that can appear in the eleven plus exams. This is very dependant on the volume of lessons you have, but we have seen excellent results from student who have had 10-12 months of weekly lessons. 

If I want want my child to sit one of your mock exams, how do I go about booking that? 

If you are wanting to book a place at one of our mock exam days, get in touch with her via email or call us today to guarantee your place on one of of our 11 Plus mock exam days.

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