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GCSE Maths Equivalency Test

Due to recent circumstances like the pandemic, career changes have become increasingly popular throughout older generations which you may not specifically have the qualifications for as you may have been out of school for a while. A first hurdle to overcome on this journey, is studying and taking your GCSE Maths Equivalency exam

GCSE Maths Equivalency exams have been created for those who haven’t been in education for a while and don’t have the required grades for entry onto some training courses. These include higher education courses like: teacher training programmes, nurse training programmes and also courses like midwifery.


York Private Tutors are working closely with A Star Equivalency and their approach to the GCSE Maths Equivalency Exams. We highly recommend A Star Equivalency for their services offered and accessibility to ensure you are in the best place possible when you sit your exam to achieve your desired outcome.

Through taking your equivalency exam with A Star Equivalency, there are two options: exam only and then exam and course. We recommend taking the course as you will receive a revision guide that covers all of the specification, mock papers as well as the exam price being included. The tutors here at York Private Tutors are also fully qualified and trained with GCSE Maths Equivalency in order to help you where possible, should you need it.


In brief, you will sit a 2 hour exam online which is invigilated by a trained invigilator as if you were at school sitting your exam. The exam is made up of 2 papers (1 hour for each), Paper 1 is the Non-Calculator paper (50 marks) then you will go straight into Paper 2 - Calculator (50 marks). There is an option to sit the GCSE Maths Equivalency exam in either foundation or higher format. Before deciding which is the best for you, please check with your desired course provider as they may request a higher grade that is only possible with the higher paper!

Just for an idea of what to expect. The grade boundaries for the GCSE Maths Equivalency exams are as follows:


 Foundation Tier Maths Equivalency Exam Grade Boundaries:


  • Grade 4 (low C) (55% to 74%) Grade 5 (75% to 100%)

 Higher Tier Maths Equivalency Grade Boundaries are as follows:

  • Grade 4 (25 to 34%)   9 mark band 25 to 34 marks inclusive

  • Grade 5 (35 to 43%)   9 mark band 35 to 43 marks inclusive

  • Grade 6 (44 to 54%) 11 mark band 44 to 54 marks inclusive

  • Grade 7 (55 to 68%) 14 mark band 55 to 68 marks inclusive

  • Grade 8 (69 to 82%) 14 mark band 69 to 82 marks inclusive

  • Grade 9 (83 to 100%) 18 mark band 83 to 100 marks inclusive

The GCSE Maths Equivalency Exam paper has been created following the Edexcel GCSE specification so that all the topics included meet the UK curriculum and remain a highly recognised qualification. The exam is different from the GCSE Maths as it has a few minor tweaks that also make it slightly easier in comparison as it is understood that you may not have been in education or studying for a while.

The exams are easy to book online on the A Star Equivalency website where there’s a calendar to book them in (the further in advance, the cheaper! )Here at York Private Tutor we are happy to help you in any way that we can to ensure your success in your GCSE Maths Equivalency exam!

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