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Teaching Jobs in York | Become a Tutor in York

If you are looking for a Maths teaching job in York or for more English tutoring work in the York area then York Tutors may be able to help. We are continuing to expand our tuition services across the York area, offering more subjects to a greater number of students whilst maintaining a focus on our core subjects of Maths, English and Science.



What to expect with a tutoring job in York? 

As a private tutor with York Private Tutors you will have the flexibility to choose your working hours, what subjects you teach and how many students you commit to. All of our tutors have commented on how great they have found private tuition and how much they enjoy focusing on the student and the subject content which isn't always possible in schools. Expect to be challenged by inquisitive students and expect to be excited by the pace at which you can work cover content and make a real difference to each and every student you tutor.   

Why choose York Private Tutors for your teaching job? 

York Private Tutors are a well established tutoring company in North Yorkshire. We offer a premium service that delivers results. We only hire teachers and tutors who are passionate about making a real difference and who have the personal skills to connect with students on a one to one basis.

York Private Tutors answer calls and emails 7 days a week which means we rarely miss a new student. Parents often contact various agencies and tutors at the same time and the first to respond is often the one who secures the work. At York Private Tutors we take care of finding you students, making sure they match your requirements before passing them on to you to finalise a time. We take care of all aspects of marketing and foot the costs for this. We strongly believe that having multiple tutors in one agency means we can take advantage of economies of scale, reduce the costs associated with marketing and pass the savings on to tutors in terms of lower fees. It is this scale that enables us to charge low fees meaning tutors are able to keep the majority of the lesson fees we charge. 


Why a tutoring job instead of a teaching job in York? 

Private tuition is different to a teaching job in a school and many school teachers who either supplement their income or make the transition completely to private tutoring find it refreshing, student centric and a change to the bureaucracy which many think has plagued our entire school environment. 


What teaching jobs and tutoring work do you have in York? 

We are looking for new tutors to join our growing team of passionate and professional York Tutors. 


York Tutors are currently recruiting for the following subjects:

KS3 Maths, English and Science 

GCSE Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics

A level Chemistry, Physics and Maths


We are recruiting for the majority of subjects as we are always looking to improve, expand and develop. Therefore if you are a tutor, teacher or experienced graduate looking for tuition work in the York area then please contact us by clicking Here.


Requirements when becoming a York Tutor:

Driving Licence: All tutors must have a full UK driving licence in order to provide the services we offer. 

DBS check: If your DBS check is out of date or you require a new one then we can refer you to a third party company who can arrange one for you.

Experience: Applicants should also have some teaching and tutoring experience. 


Please note all tutors will be interviewed in person to assess their experience and suitability for each teaching and tutoring job advertised by York Private Tutors.

Become a Tutor Today

If you are looking for more tuition work, contact us today.

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