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GCSE English Tutors in York and the New Syllabus

The GCSE English syllabus has changed quite dramatically in the last round of educational reforms. The exclusion of coursework in English Language and the introduction of more challenging texts in Literature has seen the English GCSE's become much more stringent with the level 9 being very difficult to achieve.

At York Private Tutors all of our GCSE English tutors in York are fully up to speed with the changes to the curriculum and have been delivering the new course for the past 2 years. From Shakespeare in the GCSE English literature course to persuasive writing in the GCSE English language course, our tutors can help with all aspects of both English GCSE's. All of our GCSE English tutors in York are passionate about making a real difference to each of our pupils, helping them to attain the final GCSE grade their abilities demand. So whether it is essay wiring skills your child needs help with or it is understanding the intricacies of inspector calls, our GCSE English tutors in York are here to help. Contact York Private Tutors today for more information about the GCSE English tuition provided in your area or for just general information about how private tuition works.

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