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GCSE Maths 9-1 Topics Completing the Square Revision

At York Private Tutors we are currently going through the GCSE Maths specifications looking at topics that students generally find difficult. Completing the square is the topic of this week and it is certainly a topic that students find challenging. It is only present on the higher tier paper and it can come up in a series of questions including solving quadratics. If you are searching for completing the square revision materials and practice questions then we recommend going to Maths Made Easy to get the most up to date free GCSE Maths resources.

Understanding the method of how to complete the square is essential and then practice is then always important to cement that knowledge. Finally to really make sure you have understood the topic, using GCSE Maths past paper questions or exam style questions from Maths Made Easy is important to ensure you can apply the knowledge to different scenarios.

At York Private Tutors we look to help our pupils in various ways, from recommending high quality free revision materials to providing exceptional one to one tuition, we look to help each and every one of our pupils to succeed. Whether you are looking for a GCSE Maths tutor in York or expert Science tuition, our York Tutors will be able to help. Get in touch today if you require more information on our tuition services.

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