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GCSE Maths 9-1 Topics Completing the Square Revision

At York Private Tutors we offer expert tuition in Maths, English and Science related topics as well as the professional QTS Skills Tests. This week seen a monumental shift in the government’s policy when it comes to the professional QTS skills tests. Soon to be teachers, or soon to be trainee teachers will now be able to take their professional numeracy and literacy skills tests without the fear of being locked out for a period of two years. This is because the education minister, Nick Gibb, announced that there will no longer be the three attempt rule applied to the professional qts skills tests, so instead prospective teachers have unlimited attempts to pass the skills tests. However, those who have previously failed 3 times should note that the tests haven’t got any easier and will still contain the same style of questions in the same challenging format.

If you are preparing for the professional skills tests our advice is to first start practising using the governments free tests, before moving on to the QTS Maths Tutor free test, then if you are still struggling to score around 20 we would advise that you look to recruit the support of an expert literacy or numeracy skills tutor.

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