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Practice Numerical Reasoning Tests

At York Private Tutors we offer expert tuition in Maths, English and Science from KS2 up to A Level. We also offer Maths tuition to adult learners and we occasionally get asked to offer specialist tuition for things such as the professional numeracy skills test and numerical reasoning tests.

The professional qts numeracy skills test is an online exam that prospective teachers have to pass in order to be accepted on to their initial teacher training program, or the Teach Frist graduate scheme. Numerical reasoning tests take a different format to the other types of exam as they are usually made up of about 20 questions which have to be answered on an online test system and are usually based on around 5 graphs or tables or both and require a quick ability to interpret and comprehend data so that you can then complete a series of calculations and answer a number of questions.

The calculations are reasonably straight forward as you have a calculator but interpreting the data within the tight time limit given is quite tricky. At York Private Tutors we offer specialist tuition for both the professional numeracy and literacy skills tests as well as for graduate and vocational numerical reasoning tests.

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