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Numeracy Skills Test

The numeracy skills test is often the last hurdle that aspiring teachers have to overcome in order to gain entry on to their initial teacher training course. The professional numeracy skills test is set as a requirement so that every teacher entering the profession has a proven level of functional maths that the department for education state is crucial to the job role, even if you are training to become a music teacher or a drama teacher where there isn't necessarily going to be too much maths on a day to day basis.

The numeracy skills test is comprised of 2 sections. The first section, the mental arithmetic section, is made up of 12 questions that have to be answered within 18 seconds of the second repeat of the question in order to have a chance of gaining the mark. The second section is made up of written data questions which are things like bar charts, pie charts and standardisation tables, all of which people tend to find tricky.

In order to pass the numeracy skills test candidates need to achieve around 18 out of 28 which is around 65%. However, this mark can vary depending on the difficulty of the exam so it may fluctuate by a mark or two either way. In order to give yourself the best chance of passing it is crucial people access the best numeracy skills practice tests from QTS Maths Tutor. You may also decide that you want revision materials that are away from the screen, in which case a numeracy skills test book is a great thing to use.

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