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A Level Maths Past Papers

Here at York Private Tutors, we understand that many already know about past papers and how they work. But still, many schools and other education providers continue to use them incorrectly. So their students do not get the most out of the papers. Often using them for assignments, homework, and topic tests leading up to the exam. This results in few unseen exam questions by the end.

Instead of having the A Level maths past papers there to help memories questions. They should instead be used to identify gaps in knowledge and test the student’s understanding. The most effective way to go about this would be to have the student start taking their first past paper a few weeks away from the final exam. Once they have finished, the student can then mark the paper using the provided marking scheme. This shows the student exactly where their gaps in knowledge are. From here, the student should go through a period of intensive study in those areas. Once more confident, the learner should attempt a second past paper. The student should repeat this cycle until the day of the exam. This method allows the student to easily test their knowledge against a variety of questions and topics. Ensuring that they can answer anything that may appear in the final exam.

The A Level maths past papers themselves are created by MME, one of the biggest equivalency exam invigilation providers in the UK. They offer different versions of the papers for the different exam boards. So you can be sure that the papers that you choose will give you the best idea of what will appear on the exam. If you are still unsure or want to ask a question, feel free to get in contact with us today!


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