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Functional Skills

As a whole, Functional skills are qualifications that you can receive that will be the equivalent to a C or 4 Grade in Maths and/or English (depending on the exam). Extremely useful for those who were unable to pass their GCSE Maths and/or English back in school who now require the grades. By taking and passing a Functional skills exam, you will gain access to things like university courses, apprenticeships, other course routes, as well as higher job opportunities. There are numerous different providers that you can take the exam with, we highly recommend Pass Functional Skills, they offer very high-quality exams and are approved by multiple exam boards. They also offer a wide range of revision resources to help you pass their Functional skills exams.

These resources will be extremely useful, as the exams themselves are by no means easy. Even though it's equivalent to a PASS, the exam is difficult for someone who is taking it unprepared, especially for those who have not studied either Maths or English for years. The exam itself is equivalent to the original GCSE exams, so it will be challenging. Here at York Maths Tutors, we aim to help you with all your Maths revision needs to help prepare you for your exam. We will tutor you in all the subjects that could come up in the exam to ensure you have the best chance of passing possible.

All of the services in regards to your tutoring, as well as the sitting of the exam itself, will be online. Mostly due to the current pandemic to prevent any risk to your health. It does mean however that there will be no travel required to get the qualification! You can take the exam from the comfort of your own home while in exam conditions (while it is at home, it's still an exam board-approved exam!)

Here at York Maths Tutors, we aim to provide all of the support necessary to help you in your journey. This can be something as simple as assistance with the exam booking process, to help you revise topics that you struggle in.


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