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Functional Skills Course

At York Private Tutors, we provide assistance to learners of all skill levels, including adult learners. Over the past few years, our emphasis has been on helping adult learners enrol in their preferred functional skills program. We achieve this by first evaluating each of our student's requirements, and then selecting a customised pathway that suits their daily schedule and responsibilities, such as work or childcare. In some cases, speed is a crucial key, and we ensure that learners can complete their course and examination within a few weeks to meet job or university application deadlines.

Functional skills courses cater to individuals who may not have obtained GCSE qualifications during their schooling or wish to enhance their existing qualifications to meet a job or career requirement. These courses are available at different levels, ranging from entry level to level 2, and can be studied in various settings. With the increasing popularity of online education, more and more individuals are opting for the online format due to its convenience and the quick results they can offer.

Functional Skills courses are typically taught through a mix of classroom based learning, practical exercises, and assessments. However, due to the inflexibility of attending college multiple times a week, most learners opt for the online option. These courses cover a wide range of extensive topics, including writing skills for English and percentage calculations for maths. Along with preparing learners for formal level 2 qualifications, functional skills courses also enhance everyday skills that contribute to career advancement

York Private Tutors offers assistance to learners in identifying the best functional skills course to suit them. Additionally, we provide tuition services to strengthen and support their learning alongside the course. If you require assistance with a functional skills course, whether you are studying at college or independently online, we are here to provide our expertise and guidance

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