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Functional Skills Courses

When preparing to take your Functional Skills exams, ensuring that the revision resources you use are the best possible will be key. The Functional Skills Courses are a fully interactive resource that uses progress tracking to keep track of your progress. Allowing for easy and efficient self-study, done in your own time and at your own pace. These courses come equipped with everything you would need, including, video tutorials, practice questions, exam questions, and mock exams. As well as pre-assessments to find out what level your knowledge is, helping to focus your revision time on the subjects that matter.

As the courses are based entirely on the curriculums for the Functional Skills Level 2 Exams. They ensure that by going through and completing the entire course, you will be fully prepared for anything that could appear in the exam. Because of this, the courses offered by Pass Functional Skills have proven to significantly improve the pass rates of those taking the exams.


How long do I have access for?

Access to the courses typically lasts a year, however, the admin team can make exceptions

How long will the courses take to complete?

This varies between the 2 courses, as well as the person who takes them. But the recommended study time for a Functional Skills Exam is typically 50 hours.

Can I take the course from home?

Yes, the course is entirely online, so can be taken from the comfort of your own home

What is the Functional Skills Level 2 equivalent to?

A GCSE grade C or level 4

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