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Functional Skills Level 2

Functional Skills Level 2 is a qualification that is equivalent to a PASS grade in GCSE. Meaning that it's worth a grade of C or level 4. As well as being Ofqual approved, it is also widely accepted by most education and job providers. Helping you get into higher-level jobs. As well as University, College, and Apprenticeships. Useful for those who were unable to receive a high enough grade during school.

The Functional Skills Level 2 qualification has 2 types, these are:

  • English - consisting of a Reading paper, a Writing paper, and an SLC.

  • Maths - consisting of a non-calculator and a calculator paper.

So by taking the corresponding exam, you can gain a Level 2 qualification in either English or Maths.

A benefit of taking a Functional Skills exam or a GCSE one is convenience. For GCSEs it will take around 2 years, as well as exam sittings are limited to twice a year (in May and November). Meanwhile, for Functional skills, exams can be taken all year round, and are not restrained by the 2 years. So for many, you will book your exam, sit it, and receive your results within a couple of weeks. There will be less to revise as well for Functional Skills Level 2 exams as it will only cover the necessary topics to gain you the PASS mark. So less time will be wasted in revision. Making it a lot less stressful. That and it will be taken from the comfort of your own home, so there will be no need to travel anywhere!

Displaying your shiny, new Functional Skills Level 2 Qualification even to lower-level jobs will be helpful. It will show that you have a good understanding of the subject in question. Giving you a better chance of employment.


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