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Functional Skills Level 2 Equivalent

At York private tutors, we aim to support learners of all ages. Functional Skills Level 2 Equivalent is a GCSE equivalent qualification. Worth a grade of C or a passing grade. It provides opportunities for those who were, for whatever reason, unable to pass their GCSE exam. A Functional Skills qualification is often preferable to a GCSE one due to the reduced content of the curriculum as the Functional Skills curriculum is much smaller than the GCSE one due to being restricted to a passing grade.

There are many other benefits for learners in taking the Functional Skills Level 2 exam over the GCSE one. One is that the Functional Skills exam can be taken any time throughout the year. Unlike a GCSE exam, which can only be taken at certain times of the year and takes much longer to complete. An additional benefit is that the Functional Skills exam is taken online, so it can be sat from the comfort of your own home

All Functional Skills exams are Ofqual regulated, and the results are returned to the learner within two weeks of taking the exam. Most universities, colleges, and other training and education providers will also accept the qualification. So if you choose to go with the Functional Skills exam, you can be assured that you have made the right choice.


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