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Functional Skills Online

Here at York Private Tutors, we pride ourselves on offering a service that can benefit people of any age or background. Functional skills courses are widely accepted by jobs, universities and apprenticeship schemes as an equivalent to a level 4 at GCSE, or grade C under the old grading system. It is important that you choose the right platform which will be most accustomed to your needs and learning style, at York Private Tutors we can help students book their Functional Skills Online and additionally offer the tuition with it.

There are many courses available to study online, making sure you are able to study where and when you please. This is hugely beneficial to anyone who has struggled with a more traditional classroom based way of education, or just anyone with a busy schedule and could benefit from flexibility to fit around other commitments. Studying online functional skills offer interactive learning tools such as quizzes, games and simulations which can make learning the course much more engaging, taking advantage of tools can ensure you reinforce your understanding of the topics and make sure you are testing your knowledge.

Our online functional skills courses offer transferable skills which are applicable and useful in the real world, such as problem solving, data analysis and financial management on the Maths course and a focus on improving your reading, writing, speaking and listening skills on the English course.

For any support on meeting those requirements for that new job offer, university course or apprenticeship, get in touch with us at York Private Tutors for more information on our online functional skills course


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