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GCSE Maths past papers

Here at the York Private Tutors, it is our goal to enure that you are fully informed regarding the variety of different GCSE Maths Revision resources. Du to the large variety, it can be daunting to figure out which resources will be the best choice for you. As well a sthe fact that there are thousands of the same resources on the internet. So what you end up choosing may not end up being relevant to the exam you will be taking.

When looking to get first hand experience and to test your current knowledge. There is no better choice then the GCSE Maths past papers. This collection of papers are exams that were taken in the past. Making them the perfect choice to get some exam experience. The provider we recommend also offer a large variety of these papers, all of high quality. A well as coming in a range of different exam boards. Like for example, Edexcel, AQA, and WJEC. All of which come with their own marking scheme, so that you will gain a good idea of how best to earn marks for individual types of questions. We woud highly recommend doing the marking yourself to ensure you are getting the most out of the resource.

The best way to use GCSE Maths past papers is as a method of gaining experience, as well tas to check for gaps in understanding and knowledge. The papers should not be use by themselive, but alongside your current revision methods. To start, take one of the past papers, mark it, then go through and identify the subject areas you are struggling with. From there, revise the topics identified until you are mode confident. Then take another past paper. Repeat this until you are confident in your understanding of the different subjects.

MME also offer GCSE Maths predicted papers if you wish to get some extra practice in. Which are based around the actual exam you will be taking. If you are unsure, then contact us at York Private Tutors today, where we can answer any questions you have.


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