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GCSE Maths Questions

Here at York Private Tutors, we provide the best support for students' educational needs. We provide help with all core subjects, but this week we want to take a look at GCSE maths questions and revision. Starting your revision with the top resources is the best preparation for your exam, we recommend MME questions by topic. These are a great resource as they cover full specifications for the main exam boards, meaning you can find the right one for you knowing everything will be fully covered. Some students choose to start with GCSE maths past papers, we would advise against using these before you’ve gained that underlying knowledge from the practice questions.

When it comes to starting the topic questions, it helps to get into a proper routine. You should make an effort to learn from mistakes you make on any of the questions. The best way to do this is once you’ve completed a set of questions, mark them and note any corrections. You can mark them yourself using the mark scheme, however some students choose to ask their tutor to mark and provide feedback instead. After each topic, add the corrections to a list so it becomes easier to identify areas that need working on.

To wrap up your revision, you should use the GCSE maths past papers. The best way to use these is the same as the topic questions, complete and correct. These papers are also a really great way to practise different styles of exam questions whilst you continue to solidify your knowledge. Please contact us today with any questions or queries.


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