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How to get maths GCSE quickly

At York Private Tutors, we strive to help all students achieve academic success. A common question we get asked by new students is how to get a maths GCSE quickly. This isn’t a straightforward question to answer because the standard GCSE exam isn’t always a viable option for every learner. In this article, we’re going to talk through some of the options that are available to you.

The GCSE maths exams are a paper based exam which can be sat in either November or May/June. In total, there are 3 exams to complete which must be done in a registered exam centre. For each paper there is a set date and time for when they must be sat, everyone in the country has to sit every exam at the same time so there is no room to change this. If you wanted to sit the GCSE exams, this would mean you would have to go to the exam centre for each paper. Although this is the route that most students think of first, for a lot of learners the set days and limited exam periods mean it isn’t a viable option. If you don’t have time to wait for an exam period or can’t sit an exam at a specific date, we would suggest functional skills maths level 2 instead. This is a really popular option with a lot of learners because there are no set exam periods and you can choose your own date and time to sit the exam. For functional skills there is also no need to travel to an exam centre because it is fully online and sat at home. Even though the exam is online there are still checks that are followed in order to follow ofqual regulations, which just allows the qualification to be readily accepted. In regards to results, functional skills are the fastest way to get GCSE maths. With the exam being online results are a lot faster and only take a short amount of days, whereas GCSE results take around 2-3 months. The other option we can offer are GCSE equivalency tests but these may not be accepted by some employers or universities because they are more specific to teacher training.

Overall, how to get a maths GCSE quickly is affected by the time of year and how fast you need results. With the GCSE only being available twice a year, it usually isn’t the best option. We’ve seen a lot more learners start to choose functional skills exams because of it being more flexible and having faster result times. At York Private Tutors we provide support for core subjects such as maths, english and science. Please contact us today with any questions.


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