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Quality Teacher Learning Skills

York private tutors offer private tuition for Maths English and Science related subjects, We have expert tutors that provide GCSE and A level tutoring to the highest degree and have all the up to date material needed for helping students prepare for their exams. Our tutors travel to you with no additional expenses.

QTLS introduction

QTLS is a badge that recognizes you have proven the ability to teach at a professional standard. Achieving this badge can help you with your career progression in the educational or training sector by showing evidence you have literacy and numeracy skills to at least level 2.

Is QTLS the same as QTS?

QTLS status is a status that teachers can achieve. QTLS and QTS are on par with each other and often seen as equals in law because of how similar they are.

How do I achieve QTLS?

To achieve QTLS status you must hold an eligible Level 2 maths and english qualification, or functional skills at level 2 or higher.

Can you teach in schools with QTLS?

If you are a member of SET and meet the eligibility criteria then you can register for a professional formation leading to a QTLS status.


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