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Functional Skills Level 2 English Past Papers

At the York Private Tutors, our main goal is to provide access to all of the resources you would ever need in order to pass your English Exam. The resource we will be discussing today will be the Functional Skills English Level 2 Past Papers.

The site we recommend getting your FS English LS Past Papers from has Practice Papers from many different exam boards, including: Edexcel, City and Guilds AQA, Open Awards, and more! Because of this large variety it's one of our most recommended resources.

If you are not satisfied with the Past Papers we have recommended, there are many websites that offer them, but you have to be careful. Any Past Papers from before 2019 will not be of much use as the specification for the Functional Skills Level 2 English Exam was changed. So the content and how the Past Papers are presented will be different to what will be on the exam.

When taking the Past Papers, we always recommend doing them in exam conditions (to the best of your abilities). This includes:

  • No one in the room

  • No researching answers

  • No mobile Phones

  • No notes

As well as taking the English Past Papers timed to ensure that the experiences you are getting from talking the papers are as close to taking the actual exam as possible.

After you have taken one of the Past Papers, you can then use the provided marking schemes to mark the exam yourself. This gives you the unique opportunity of seeing exactly where you went wrong, as well as the correct method of getting the answer. So every step of the process you can use as a learning opportunity. If marking the Past Paper yourself is not for you, the York Private Tutors can do it for you!


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