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GCSE Resits

There are some students that have been looking into GCSE resits in maths and English after the GCSE results day of 2022. This is for those who haven’t received the positive results they have been looking for. If a student has failed in achieving a level 4 then the best advice for them is to take a resit and consider alternatives so that they can proceed as soon as possible. The alternative being functional skills level 2 qualifications.

Here at York Private Tutor we have very high pass rates. This means that many of our students do not require GCSE resits and can proceed with no issues. When we do have resits, this is usually through new students who have not successfully passed in their GCSE exams and are looking for other options. It is very important for them to know where they stand and what their options are. Functional skills maths and English are perfect for many as they provide what most people need in qualifications. It is accepted by most Universities and employers in the UK as GCSE equivalents and can open up many different opportunities. Depending on what a person wants to do in the future, it may need to be through a course that requires higher than a level 4 qualification. For these situations a GCSE resit is the only option. We provide as much support as we can for learners in the hope that they will pass and gain qualifications. To book the final exams, you can do it through these links.

The functional skills level 2 maths and English qualification has many advantages that makes it popular that people may not be aware of. Learners can sit this exam from their own home and in their own time. It can be sat all year round so that learners can prepare themselves fully. Results also take only 2 weeks in comparison to the GCSE retakes that take 2 months. We also want to point out that the content in functional skills is much less as well. While this is a perfect option for many people it is important that everyone considers their situation and whether a GCSE resit or GCSE equivalent qualifications are best for them.

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