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Trigonometry Revision

Here at the York Private Tutors, we pride ourselves on helping people pass their exams. This usually is through our excellent tutoring services. But we also offer other services, including free access to excellent, high-quality resources. There is a wide range of different resources on the internet. So it may be hard to find the resources suitable for you.

One of the more challenging subjects that you will be required to know is Trigonometry. Which is a challenging branch of mathematics that studies triangles. Many would agree that this particular subject is hard. Especially for those who have not studied mathematics in a number of years.

An excellent resource would be Trigonometry Revision. It is free and is based on the exam itself. So you can be assured that the content covered will be exactly what you will need to know. We are proud to be a part of the team that has built this valuable resource. So we can assure that what is provided is of the highest quality. And FREE!

The revision material itself is split into 2 parts. Helping to provide the full revision experience. These been the Trigonometry Worksheets and the Trigonometry Questions.

This is the beginning of your Trigonometry Revision. It goes through each topic within Trigonometry, including SOH, CAH, TOA. It uses working examples and explanations of each topic. Ensuring that you have a full understanding of the subject.

This is the second part of your Trigonometry Revision. It tests your knowledge of Trigonometry through the use of exam-style questions. Based on those that are found in the actual exam. By seeing where you are still going wrong. You can focus your revision on those particular areas. Preventing the wastage of precious revision time.


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